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OpenTV tries to please consumers, service providers and advertisers

Marc Perton

opentvIf you've only heard of OpenTV through the technology-provider's relationship with the ill-fated Voom satellite HDTV service, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the company's other partnerships have fared a bit better. OpenTV's profile with consumers may be pretty low, but their DVR tech powers boxes provided by companies such as the Dish Network, BSkyB and Foxtel in Australia. And OpenTV's DVR systems include features such as HD support, sports programming with multiple user-selectable camera angles and audio tracks, interactive gaming, interactive weather and VOD. The company also offers advertiser-friendly services, including targeted ads, making it a hit with both service providers and their sponsors. Thomas Hawk and Davis Freeberg sat down with OpenTV brass, and got the scoop on the company's plans — which, unfortunately, don't include expanding into the direct-to-consumer space.

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