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Governor Steve?


Peter over at Engadget has the scoop on some possible political plans (don't ya love alliteration) of Steve Jobs. Actually, it's all largely conjecture based on an article about the current Governator of California. However, we know that Steve reads Engadget, so if he wasn't really thinking about it, now maybe he is. There's evidence for this being a logical move for Steve. He's recently made the tough type of phone calls that politicians must sometimes make. He's given commencement speeches, and he's as American as Apple pie. He even has his own plane should he have to fly to the other end of the state for a political emergency and he already receives odd courtesies from public enforcement officers.

Would he have a chance of winning against the Governator? As long as Al Gore's bad political luck hasn't rubbed off on him from their years of working together, sure. Why not?


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