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Metareview : Nintendogs for the DS

David Touve

In sync with a price drop on the DS portable, Nintendo released the Nintendogs virtual pet "game" in the US.  For a little perspective, this game has accounted for over 700,000 sales in Japan, so whether or not Nintendo sells similar truckloads in the US, this thing is a hit.  The game makes use of the stylus/touch screen for interacting with your pooch, the wireless connection for doggie social gatherings, and of course, the dual screen presence.

We compiled the reviews from a nice collection of sites, to make your lives easier.  Then we made an adjustment for the tendency of reviews to be a bit too glowing, or at least skewed towards 10 (stats majors, rejoice).  However, in the case of this game, we added a second review for people who don't consider themselves subject to the appeal of a pet-care simulation.

Average rating if you have shown interest in pet games : 8.84
After adjustment for butt-kissing nature of game reviews : 8-ish
Rating if you have never shown interest in pet games : 5
If you want to read what the games reviewers had to say…


Gamespot : 9.1 out of 10
%uFFFDJust about anyone who enjoys the adorable antics, manic activity, and the tender nurturing that is central to raising a happy, healthy puppy should certainly give Nintendogs a look.%uFFFD

SanJose Mercury News : 3.5 out of 4
%uFFFDNintendo has another smash hit on its hands with %uFFFDNintendogs.%uFFFD%uFFFD I know because my 8-year-old daughter hasn%uFFFDt stopped playing it since I shared the game for the Nintendo DS hand-held with her.%uFFFD
IGN : 8.8 out of 10
%uFFFDLook, it%uFFFDs pretty obvious that Nintendogs and its cute and cuddly experience, isn%uFFFDt for the hardcore action gamer, but you%uFFFDd be missing out if you didn%uFFFDt at least give this DS card at least one shot.%uFFFD
UGO : No score
%uFFFDPerhaps the most interesting aspect of Nintendogs, though, would have to be its multiplayer component.%uFFFD
HonestGamers : 9 out of 10
%uFFFDI%uFFFDm a cat person and quite frankly, I don%uFFFDt see the attraction.  It%uFFFDs come as something of a revelation then to find that Nintendogs, a Tamagotchi-esque life simulator for the Nintendo DS, has captured my heart, if not my imagination.%uFFFD
ClubSkill : 9.4 out of 10
Edge Magazine : 7 out of 10
Cube Magazine : 8.7 out of 10
AP Technology : 4 out of 4

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