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Drowsy U.K. drivers may be subject to handheld alertness test

Marc Perton
driver asleep

Looks like U.K. drivers can't catch a break lately. Not only are they being threatened by speed bumps humps that can rise out of the road without warning, but now it turns out that authorities are working on a device that will act as a sort of breathalyzer for drowsiness. The idea is that, if you seem to be nodding off at the wheel, you'll be pulled over and asked to try out a handheld driving simulator. Fail and you can be hit with a £2,500 ($4,490) fine for "driving without due care and consideration." Critics point out that the system will fail because the mere experience of being pulled over by the cops will be enough to rouse sleepy drivers. We see a bigger problem: some of the drivers most likely to be pulled over for being too drowsy — overworked geeks or sleepless LAN-partying gamers — are likely to have such finely honed joystick skills that they'll be able to pass the driving sim in their, er, sleep.

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