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Inventor plans automatic speed bump that reacts to vehicles

Marc Perton

speed hump signSo, there you are, minding your own business, doing, say, 20 or 30 over the speed limit, when, all of a sudden — whomp! — you hit a bone-jarring speed bump that seemingly came up out of nowhere. Of course, the bump was there all along; you were just too busy enjoying your speed trip to notice the signs warning you about it. But if a Welsh inventor has his way, speed bumps really will be appearing out of nowhere, and will be able to target specific drivers as well. Gywn Harvey's "selective road hump" (yeah, they call 'em "humps" over there — wacky brits) would be set to operate differently based on road conditions, time of day and other factors, and could raise and lower itself based on your speed. Want to avoid it? You could just stick to the speed limit — or just cross Wales off of the list of possible road-trip destinations.

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