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Organize recipes and more with MacGourmet


For years now, I've been using a laptop and a homegrown Filemaker Pro database for recipe organization.  I've got my own recipes and my wife's, plus all the great family dishes we've both inherited and that have been passed down over the years. I can quickly search for a given recipe or ingredient, print a recipe or shopping list and so on. I've even toyed with the idea of permanently installing an old SE in the kitchen running such a database (my wife said "No way" to this idea). But all of this might be moot now that I've found MacGourmet.

I've been playing with the demo for a little while this afternoon, and it's really nice. The interface is similar to that of iTunes and iPhoto, in that you have a main recipe library that can be grouped in "lists" like playlists (appetizers, brunch, etc.). Smartlists are also available.

Create notes dishes or wines you've tried, create a "relationship" between a certain wine and recipe, publish your recipes to .Mac, print shopping lists, create iTunes-like ratings and a heck of a lot more. Check it out if you're the type who (like me) enjoys time spent in the kitchen.

MacGourmet requires Mac OS X v10.3 or later, and costs $24.95US for a single license.


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