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Engadget Podcast 040 - 08.23.2005

Ryan Block, @ryan

We've got lots of gaming news to discuss this week between Nintendo and Microsoft naming their prices on the Game Boy Micro and Xbox 360, and Sony's absentee PSP 2.0 update, but there's plenty of other material to work with too. Take Sony's Walkman Bean, for instance, which leaves us a bit perplexed, while Canon's camera inundation and Sony Ericsson's new P-series phone leave us reeling. Just another week in the life of the Engadget crew.

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Ryan Block and Peter Rojas

Randall Bennett

40:58, 18.7MB, MP3

00:35 Xbox 360 prices / packages announced
05:55 Game Boy Micro also priced
09:00 PSP's MIA 2.0 firmware
12:50 The Sony Walkman... Bean?
14:50 Canon's gaggle of new cameras
20:30 Sony Ericcson's Hermione/P1000
25:30 4GB iPod Shuffles and Flash-based minis?
31:06 iBook stampede
33:38 Engadget takes it back to 1985
36:21 Vote for your fav Iced-out entry, send in your T-shirts designs!


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