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Ryu Ga Gotoku Website Launched

Vladimir Cole

ryu ga gotoku logo

Sega has just launched the website for their marquee PS2 title of the 2005 holiday season. The game is titled Ryu ga Gotoku, and both the site and the game media featured on it look fantastic.

Writes reader Yong Fook, "It is another example of Sega foraying into darker themes. This game is about Yakuza, the Japanese gangsters. It is set in an area that resembles Kabukicho in Shinjuku, an area notoriously over-run with gangsters, and it looks as though it plays a bit like a more adult-oriented Shenmue."

The site's all Japanese right now, which means that you'll have to click around for a bit to discover all of the goods, but really, that's true for most game sites these days, whether they're in a language you know or not. To save you a bit of trouble, here's a direct link to the trailer.

What does Ryu ga Gotoku mean, anyway? Yong Fook translates it as "Enter The Dragon" or "The Dragon Goes" which seem kind of contradictory. Maybe it's really, "The dragon doesn't know if he's coming or going, but he's a dragon and he knows martial arts, so that's his prerogative."

[Thanks, Timmy, Yong Fook]

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