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The garden of UT 2007 delights

Steve Parsons

Unreal Tournament 2007If there is gaming in heaven, it looks like this. Some eye candy for you FPS maniacs to drool over, from the upcoming Unreal Tournament sequel.

You know, I've become increasingly cynical about graphics quality in preview screenshots, but damn, sometimes you've just got to throw your bitterness away and just stare.

Only complaint is it looks a little hazy. It doesn't have that ultra crisp unreal (no pun intended) CG look, but then real life doesn't look that blurry. At least not without sweet lady alcohol. Still, the shots look freakin' spectacular!

The UT engine has always managed to achieve spectacular results, but this engine looks like it's going to be something else! Of course, you'd better start saving for the graphics card you're going to need to run it at anything approaching a playable framerate. This'll make the latest ATI and nVidia look like first generation Voodoo!

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