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Blizzard issues new patch for Starcraft!

Steve Parsons

Okay, so with the recent patching of Diablo II, it shouldn't really come as a surprise, but damn, the game is how old, and they still support it? That's just awesome, given the way some titles are supported. One patch and it's forgotten. Or worse!

While there is a vocal minority who dislike Blizzard after their legal wrangling with the Bnet.d project, the fact that any company still supports a title this far into its life is amazing, and any company that supports a product this long deserves praise. Myth II is still being patched, but it's done by the fan community, who do a fantastic job. (Bungie, as you well know, have since moved on to other things.) I really can't think of any other game as old as Starcraft that is still actively supported by it's developer. Anyone?

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