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Hitachi's DV-DH1000W, a terabyte hi-def DVR with DVD recorder

Ryan Block, @ryan

Hitachi DV-DH1000W

After the promises of TB+ optical drives and massive RAID arrays (like in the Momitsu, TerraTelly, or Promise TV DVRs), a 1TB consumer DVR device didn't seem like it could be far off. And it's not—if you're in Japan. Hitachi's new DV-DH1000W records up to 68 hours of hi-def video (or 1700 hours of standard def) on its sizable 1000GB array—we're assuming it's an array since 1TB drives haven't hit the street yet—and also features a DVD burner for flushing it all out. For those not prepared to plunk down for such extravagance, worry not your pretty little head, for 500, 250, and 160GB versions are also available. Might we also take a moment to mention how much we adore that "BS Digital" branding?

[Via Akihabara News]

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