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iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair plays tunes

iJoy ZipConnect

You know, we think "massage" is a welcome newcomer into the realm of convergence devices. The iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair has built-in speakers and subwoofer, and will connect to any portable audio player of choice via a standard 1/8-inch cable — or, add an iPod ZipConnect Charge+Play module to dock and charge your iPod while playing (surprise, surprise). As to the massage function, the chair apparently feels "amazingly like the hands of a skilled — and tireless — masseuse" — yeah, we definitely want that (look at that guy — he's clearly having a good time). It's undoubtedly a step up from pimping ourselves out as guinea pigs to our massage school friends, yet more expensive at $999. You've got a choice between blue, black and mocha on this chair, but if we may offer a humble word of advice — don't make it blue.

[Thanks, Mike]

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