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Microsoft's Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 and mice go, uh, laser

Ryan Block, @ryan

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000

Microsoft's not officially announcing these for another couple weeks, but it's not like we're really surprised anymore when mice or desktop sets go laser. But just as one last hurrah, you might like to know that as one of the biggest players, Microsoft's Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 and new line of mice features—wait for it—laser-equipped optics. Their new Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 set should retail for $105, with their Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 at $65 bare, their Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 at $55, and their Optical 5000 series between $35-55. So now that Logitech and MS have done it, where's Apple at with the (wireless) laser Mighty Mouse (or would it be the Mighty Laser Mouse, or Mighty Mouse Laser)?

[Thanks, Wombat]

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