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Wider is better for first time ever

Kevin C. Tofel

It took until the second quarter of this year for the world to figure out what we already knew: widescreen is "better" than full screen. For the first time ever, widescreen LCD TVs outsold full screen sets. The 16 x 9 aspect of widescreen accounted for 57% of LCDs sold worldwide.

16 x 9 viewing is much more pleasing to the eye, and not just because you can view more content. If you want to "squeeze" content into a full screen view, you can do that although everyone appears a little skinnier! If you don't have a widescreen television, the comparison above gives you a great example of what you're missing.

I'm a widescreen-nut and I'll bet I'm not alone. Are you like me and always purchasing the widescreen version of the latest DVDs? Are the words "full screen" never uttered in your home in fear of no HDTV for a week?


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