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Oppo Digital OPDV971H, DVD player with upscaling

Marc Perton

Let's face it: no matter how much you spent on that HD display, you're still going to be watching a lot of standard resolution programming and recorded media for quite some time (especially since the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD wars are far from over). So, if you're going to watch those DVDs on your HD set, chances are you're going to need to invest in a DVD player that can at least make them look better through upscaling. DVDTalk has the goods on the Oppo Digital OPDV971H, whic offers good upscaling, DVI outputs, good deinterlacing, and a price of just $199. And considering what you've probably already spent on your home theater setup, that price probably sounds pretty good for a box that should tide you over until you've replaced all of your current DVDs with HD versions.

[Thanks, Michael]

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