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Flexplay self-destructing DVDs coming to Japan

Marc Perton

48dvdWe thought the Flexplay self-destructing DVD was as dead as Divx before it (not the codec, the original locked-DVD format), but Convex Group, the investment company that owns Flexplay, hasn't quite given up the ghost. Japan's Nippon Shuppan Hanbai has apparently licensed the technology, which chemically renders a DVD physically unplayable two days after it's first opened (i.e. exposed to oxygen), and is marketing it as 48DVD. We somehow don't expect it to be any more successful in Japan than it's been in its home market, and promoting "The Aviator" as an initial release isn't going to help. Trust us, the schoolgirls who made "Titanic" one of the most popular foreign films in Japanese history aren't going to settle for a mere 48 hours with Leo.

[Thanks, maxmasa31]

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