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USDTV - over-the-air premium channels

Matt Burns

Here at HD Beat, we pride ourselves on being one of the most knowledgeable sources about high definition, but we have never heard of anything thing like USDTV before. The thought of using the new digital airways to broadcast stations usually reserved for cable or satellite really is a novel idea. USDTV is marketing themselves as a "low cost alternative to cable or satellite" and from the look of things, it is. They will provide you with a small amount of premium stations in full digital quality from just your antenna.

There are not 400 stations available through them like cable, but it looks like they have the major ones including ESPN, Discovery, and TLC.  For some people this really would be a great way to receive high quality TV.  It is only available though in Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas but they are expanding. Along with an antenna a person needs to have a USDTV set-top box to receive the service which, according to their website, is available through local Wal-Marts and RCWilley.

Still, we would like to know how the service is. Is it reliable? How much was the box? Anything a reader might be able to add about USDTV would be great.


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