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CRT TVs get skinny in the Middle East

Kevin C. Tofel

Samsung has brought the "slim and trim" HDTV CRT to the Middle East with the intro of their WS-32Z30HE model. The 32-inch widescreen set is capable of 1080i native resolution and provides a wide 165-degree viewing angle for the 165-degree summer weather. Ok, maybe the temps don't get that high, but the viewing angle is that wide.

The lean and mean machine reduces approximately 150 millimeters of television depth since it is 412 millimeters deep. A standard color television, by comparison, is approximately 561 millimeters according to Samsung.

Rumor also has it that Samsung used the same technology for the model standing behind the set; she went from a size 14 down to a size 2. It must be all of that heat in the Middle East.


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