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Video game controller belt buckles; the next craze?


NES Buckle

Yeah, I'm not sure about this one either. The guys over at NESBuckle have expanded their range of retro-controller belt buckles with a SNES Buckle, Genesis Buckle and the AtariBuckle (pictured left). Now as a blogger at a site named (in a sorta dyslexic way) after a joystick, I can't help but feel personally responsible for the AtariBuckle. Should I feel compelled to go and get one and disregard any embarrasment I might feel whilst walking around town, purely in the name of spreading the word about Joystiq and joysticks?

Also, the XboxBuckle on the right isn't real, at least for the time being. The guys over at Bit-Tech had a little fun to see how the massive original Xbox controller would look when setup like a NES Buckle. All things considered it doesn't look that much more silly than all the other buckles. But still, why would anyone want to buy a belt buckle that either a) in the case of the AtariBuckle sticks out 4 inches in front of your crotch or b) in the case of the mythical XboxBuckle practically pulls down your trousers due to the immense weight of the controller?!

Gamers these days huh!

[Via Bit-Tech]

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