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Cellphone jamming equipment company lobbies for looser restrictions on jamming

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In what we're sure is an act of pure, unadulterated benevolence untainted by self-interest, cellphone jamming equipment maker CellAntenna Corp. is appealing to U.S. lawmakers to change federal laws to permit broader usage of cellphone jamming equipment by law enforcement officials. We're gonna bet you can guess the reason, too — that's right, it will help in the fight against terrorism. Because, as everybody knows, there are a ton of cellphone-wielding terrorists out there (in fact, as far as we're concerned, anybody we see with a cellphone is automatically under suspicion). CellAntenna issued a statement yesterday indicating that increased cellphone jamming is "the first step in increasing our profits preventing an IED attack in the United States." How refreshing — a corporation with a social conscience.

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