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Revolution controller specification leak?


Revolution controller leak 425 claims to have received documents pertaining to the specification of the Nintendo Revolution controller, ahead of its expected revealing at the Tokyo Game Show on September 16th. A news writer at the site/forum states the document was "supposedly leaked from a 3rd party developer", although it's not clear whether he himself obtained the files or found the link elsewhere on the internet. The design features a "Magnetic touch panel" (is that what they're actually called?), Tilt Sensor, Scroll Wheel, Push Pull Joysticks, Sensitive Pad, Rumble, Microphone/Speaker and can accomodate a screen, all in a package very similar in design to a Wavebird. However, there's no mention of backwards compatibilty with past Nintendo games.

Now for the bad bits; 90% of the text is garbled and illegible, which raises the question; how can you have a half leak? Either the document is an actual leaked document which contains all there is to know about the Revolution controller, or it doesn't. There would be no point in blocking out so much text next to the diagrams, since the design is the most important thing anyway. There are also several obvious grammar and spelling mistakes as well as some stupid formatting errors. Besides all that, it just doesn't feel right. There are empty boxes in tables and the font is too ordinary. The final nail in the coffin is the title of the article; "Nintendo Revolution Controller Conception Design Information Sheet". Shouldn't that be concept?

So, if you hadn't guessed already I'm calling hoax on this one. Nice graphic work, pity about the writing.

Link to alleged leaked specification (pdf file)

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

[Update: Confirmed as a hoax. The text is a constantly repeating section of some Sony marketing text. Side by side comparison here.]

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