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World of Warcraft hits 1 million users in U.S.

David Touve

World of Warcraft goes one millionIn the music industry, you go platinum when you sell one million records.  In the MMORPG world, its now time to start considering such a classification as well.  According to Blizzard, World of Warcraft has amassed one million users in the US alone, with more than four million users worldwide.  At four million citizens, the virtual world of WOW would be listed in the top 60 or so cities of the world, as far as population.  If considered a country, WOW is roughly equal to the population of Ireland, New Zealand or a handful of other global properties.  When you consider how much of the world does not yet have access to MMORPGs, you begin to wonder just how big these virtual communities could become within the next few decades.

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