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Apple reportedly planning .Mac updates, numerous Tiger bug fixes


Good old .mac. I've got an account, and I use the heck out of it. The venerable service is probably a big reason my wife is in love with her iBook. Since publishing movies and photos to our .mac pages is so simple, she's gone from no computer to two laptops, and even works online now... So I've gotten my money's worth.

Still, as some people have questioned earlier, couldn't it do more? One of the hallmarks of the Mac OS is integration (hardware, software, and services). That said integration embarrasses Microsoft on a daily basis too. So it's with a great smile that I read the latest scuttlebutt from AppleInsider: updates to .mac coming soon. Haven't we heard this song before?

Unfortunately these aren't the sweeping changes some might wish for, but they are nice. Most importantly, gets a makeover. Multiple backup profiles used to be a total nightmare. Now that pain is eased, and there are apparently multiple profiles built-in for backup of iLife data, home folder data, and settings. Finally! Also on the slate are those often-rumored (by Apple itself thank you) .mac-exclusive widgets. I can only assume these will tie into .mac services, but I've been wrong before.

AppleInsider also reports 10.4.3 is coming soon, with around 400 bug fixes. No word on whether this will appease C.K. though. I hope the 367 bugs I've found get fixed.


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