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Happy Blog Day 2005!

Kevin C. Tofel

I think we do our share in linking out to original stories, but we're going to go one step further today because it's (are you sitting down.....good): Blog Day 2005! The idea of blog day is to link out and share five blogs that you recommend. In the spirit of Blog Day 2005, here are five blogs I hit and recommend you do too:

JKOnTheRun: A mobile technology must-read.
SkypeJournal: I practically LIVE on Skype!
ProBlogger: Great for amateur and professional bloggers alike.
TinyScreenfuls: Join Josh Bancroft as he shares all things "geek" via blog, podcast and video.
TabletPCBlogs: What can I say? I'm a Tablet junkie. This site is actually a community of tab-blogs.

I know that none of these actually relate to HDTV. That's because I get all of my HD news here, just like you do! The real reason is: you can learn much about someone by what they read or recommend. Consider this a "getting to know each other better" type of post. Hmm...I feel a group hug coming on..


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