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Hitachi's 500GB Deskstar 7K500 reviewed

Ryan Block, @ryan
Hitachi 500GB Deskstar 7K500

Perhaps you better remember Hitachi's HDD line when they came sold in the form of IBM's Deathstar Deskstar 75GXP, the hard drive infamous for being the largest out at the time—and for crashing. Hard. Over and over. Well, if you're again ready to trust the Hitachi Deskstar brand to supply you with dizzying amounts of storage, their Deskstar 7K500 is still currently the largest drive in town at an even 500GB. No, to the best of our knowledge the thing isn't a perpendisk, but it will set you back a good $350 US—significantly more per GB than smaller drives—and for apparently not so impressive performance. But we understand you may still want one anyway—hey, you're a grown person, make your mind up ya damn self.

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