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Onkyo WL-TR100 streams video over WiFi

Marc Perton

Onkyo WL-TR100We've seen a few products designed to stream video over WiFi, but few look as simple — or costly — as the Onkyo WL-TR100, which is expected to be out in Japan next month for a mere ¥84,000 ($765). The base unit plugs into a video source, such as a DVD player or DVR, and the remote plugs into another TV. Video is compressed to MPEG-2 for transmission, and Onkyo claims a range of about 160 feet. Onkyo also claims the device uses 802.11a, which we find surprising, given its typically shorter transmission range. Then again, if this is going to be used in a typical small-scale Japanese home, range may not be an issue.

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