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Media Made Easy: simple HDTV recording

Kevin C. Tofel

It kind of sounds like an "Easy Bake Oven", but Media Made Easy doesn't cook. Instead, the company builds and sells Media Center entertainment units. Their newest product looks fairly stylish; at least, stylish enough to sit in most family rooms.

The HDTV system is built with your choice of 400GB or 800GB's of storage and includes a GeForce 6600 card for video. Digital program support is done by the Hauppauge PVR which allows recording of up to three programs at once, although only two of them could be HDTV programming. An Intel Pentium 4 provides the processing power, which is supplemented by 1GB of RAM.

The Media Made Easy HDTV solution starts at $1,947 for the 400GB flavor; double the storage brings you to $2,283, or roughly the price of 440 Easy Bake Ovens.


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