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Sony's adding a keyboard and mouse to the PS3, eh?

Ryan Block, @ryan
PlayStation 3

No, it wouldn't be the first time a game console's had a keyboard and mouse (remember Mario paint?), but with first-person shooters becoming ever more popular in the livingroom and hi-def output on the next generation of gaming systems, would it be far fetched for the PlayStation 3 to take on a keyboard and mouse? Apparently not, since Sony revealed at a game dev's conference that you'll be able to play games like Unreal Tournament 2007 with wasd/pointer-style, something that could pose a real risk to the casual PC gamer market. But the real question at hand is: will these peripherals be PlayStation 3 authorized only, or are we finally going to be able to just rock any old keyboard and mouse on those integrated USB ports so long as the game supports it?

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