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Home cell tower shielding campaign smacked down

Ryan Block, @ryan
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The jury is still (and ever will be) out on the issue of whether cellphone radiation is hazardous to your health, but we don't think most people take too well to scare tactics like those employed by home cellphone-mast shielding "company" Better Safe Homes. Now, granted, generally speaking very close proximity to cellphone tower arguably increases the absorption of radiation emissions more so than the use of individual devices, but it's a little alarmist to your claim property value can drop by up to 50% and to make such a claim that you and your children might suffer "Cancer, Leukaemia, Alzheimer's, Pre-senile Dementia (some experts predict some children living or going to School near masts may not make their 30's before becoming senile)." Guess that's why the UK's advertising standards body is putting the kibosh on their flier campaign right quick.

[Via textually]

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