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iPod mini goes flash / new ROKR details

Ryan Block, @ryan
new ipod mini

We didn't really think they were going to do it, but it looks like perhaps Apple took Samsung up on their offer after all (or someone, anyway). Later this month we can apparently expect Apple to debut 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB flash iPod minis, which will only be 75-80% of their current size. Apparently the screen's also going color too, but will shrink about 0.2-inches from its current size—prices should remain steady, but the 8 gigger could cost $299.

Thinksecret's apparently also got some new details on the ROKR, which they claim will apparently come in 256MB and 512MB capacities, and that users will be able to download music over the air for $2 a pop—all about what we'd expected from the whole deal.

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