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Weekly WrapUp: August 29 - September 4, 2005

David Touve

Wrap it UpIt would seem only fitting that the news flow in the game world slowed down a bit this last week, given the circumstances in New Orleans, post hurricane Katrina.  Sony is inviting their Everquest II players to donate to the Red Cross, and even we at Joystiq (and Engadget) have added a RedCross donation link to the top of our pages.  If you have the means, please feel free to donate.  Perhaps we can even organize a "Frag for food" tournament in times like these.

Every week however, I wrap things up in the gaming world.  So if you were busy helping out in the land of the Big Easy, a bit overwhelmed by what happened, checking out the goods at the Games Market Europe conference like our man Conrad, or just busy with life in general, keep reading for the Weekly WrapUp.

New ?AAA? Xbox titles to work on 360s w/o hard drives?

Making games is tough.. but leave it to MSFT to make so we pay extra to play the old games that led us to the new platform.
Hot Biscuit Mod for Nintendogs
Still have to question whether this is a real mod, even diggie style
Video game controller belt buckles; the next craze?
I lived in Texas? you?d get your butt kicked for something like this.
Impossible DDR/Stepmania performance
You decide - can real fingers pull off 16 keys per second?
Valve Week at 1up: this is the game that never ends
1Up stalked Valve all week long
Dance Dance Revolution wins at MTV Video Music Awards
Does anyone over 15 years old watch these MTV awards shows?
First PSP beta-test apps taken online via the PSP browser
A small price to pay for the right to test games that might crash at any time.
Chinese gamers protest imposed time limit for MMOs
If they limit MMO game session to three hours, what will we do with all that sleep?
Cancelled games that broke our hearts
Let this article be proof that gamers have hearts and can feel loss.
World of Warcraft hits 1 million users in U.S.
That?s alot of people jammed inside your computer.
The wave of games arriving in September
If you had been saving money? you were doing so well, until now.
Nintendo wants you to go insane; Eternal Darkness sequel?
Nintendo patents the sanity system in ED.  Whoa.
All Halo 2 multiplayer maps now free on Xbox Live
Good things come to those who wait.  And the impatient are $20 poorer.
Games Market Europe: Xbox 360 marketing booth shots
Our boy Conrad, bringing in the news and photos from Islington (UK).
Nintendo launches pitiful first Podcast
Then again.. who are we to talk.  Hey.. that was a pun.
PS3?s GPU got plenty on the GeForce 7800
There was the ColdWar? now there will be the GraphicsAffair.
Games Market Europe: Codemasters interview
For those inclined towards Operation Flashpoint
PSP downloads won?t be free for long
Like drug dealers, the first ones free on the PSP
Wal-Mart offers 2 (or 3) Xbox 360 bundles starting at $579
A few big ticket pre-orders can be found at the big box retailer.
Don?t count on modding your Xbox 360: Microsoft exec
Had he not said ?It?s going to be a long time before the Xbox 360 gets modded? it might have taken longer before the Xbox360 gets modded.
AP: Game Boy Micro misses the mark
Associated Press begins where PCMag left off.
1up interviews Gabe Newell for final Valve Day
1Up stops stalking Valve.
Making the Path of Neo better than the last two Matrix films
What?  You didn?t find the dialogue moving in the last Matrix film?
Cash bounty for TCP/IP DS hack reaches $2000
Nice.  But still not enough for guys like me to come out of retirement.
End of an era; Myst creator Cyan closes doors
Marking the day our imagination was replaced by watching our Sim go huungry in a closet.

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