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Creative's TravelDock 900, TravelSound 400 and TravelSound 250

TravelDock 900 Creative and TRavelSound 400 250

We looked at Creative's TravelDock Zen Micro back in June, and they're continuing the trend with the TravelDock 900 and two other portable speaker units: the TravelSound 400 and TravelSound 200. The $169 TravelDock 900 (top left) has a USB connection for playing and charging MP3 players (Zen Nano, e.g.) and will go for about 32 hours on four AAA batteries. The TravelSound 400 (top right) is a set of portable speakers with line-in that swivel 180 degrees for directional sound. They'll do 35 hours of playback on four AAAs and will set you back about 80 euros/$100. The TravelSound 250 speaker set is almost identical to the 400 but a bit lighter, only does 25 hours of playback on four AAAs, and is priced at about $89.

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