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Razer Copperhead gaming mouse reviewed

Razer Copperhead mouse took a look at the Razer Copperhead gaming mouse — the one that glows all funky with its blueness in the dark — and has mostly good to say with a few caveats. The sensitivity range on the mouse is quite wide, and it doesn't require any driver installation to change sensitivty on-the-fly via two side buttons on the right of the mouse. Unfortunately, the placement of those buttons is such that it can be awkward to actually perform the switch during something like an FPS. In all other ways, though, the mouse is quite comfortable and offers a good grip. On the con side, when you do install drivers for maximum tweakability, they're on the clunky side and gobble up more RAM than they should. The unit works so well without the drivers, though, that you may be better off simply not installing them. The price of the mouse at about $78 is on the high side, but overall a pretty sound investment.

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