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Ryan quoted in LA Times article about gadget bling

Peter Rojas

We've officially retired the word "bling" from our vocabulary, but Ryan managed to get interviewed by the LA Times about it for a story on gadget bling before our self-imposed ban went into effect:

Engadget Bling Contest - Marty W"Especially with devices like cellphones, people use brands to express their own identity," said Ryan Block, 23, managing editor of the consumer electronics website "In the '80s, maybe it was cars. In the '90s and 2000s, it's definitely which gadgets you have."

And a little later on in the piece:

"There's definitely this market that's coming up where people are paying a lot of money for these really ostentatious gadgets, which we think is really funny because of the completely ephemeral nature of consumer electronics," said Block, who recently ran a Blinged-Out Gadget contest on "This is all stuff you'll be throwing away in two years."

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