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Loewe introduces customizable flat-panels for the discriminating couch potato

Evan Blass
loewe customizable flat-panel

Used to be when you went to the "TV store" you had two choices: buy the RCA or don't buy the RCA. Nowadays, not only do we have approximately one million brands to choose from, some manufacturers are actually letting us tweak individual models to suit our personal tastes and decor. Taking a cue from the Hannspree line of artsy flat-panels, Loewe began showing off their customizable displays at Berlin's IFA. Loewe lets you mix-and-match different-colored front panels and side insets to create over 400 combinations of designer goodness. What's more, the super-wealthy can order one-off models specially manufactured with leather trim or Swarovski crystals. Finally, we know what to get Paris and Paris for their big day.

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