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Optoma has 3 new projectors

Matt Burns

As we talked about yesterday, a key piece to any good home theater is the TV or projector. Optoma is displaying its newest projectors over in Germany at the Internationale Funkaustellung 2005. (got to love German) It seems that there is growing trend to include DVD players for an out of the box solution and Optoma's MovieTime is not to be left behind. Even projector giant Epson got in on that game just yesterday with its new monster EMP-TWD1.

The new projectors for Optoma conform to only one of the 18 standards for digital broadcasts. The MoveTime will produce DVDs in their highest resolution at 480p but stops there, making it an EDTV-capable unit. The MovieTime's big brother, H79, will do high-def through a Texas Instruments DLP DarkChip3 processor and has a contrast ratio of 4000:1.

Projectors have always interested me but I just don't see using them for everyday TV watching. AVSForums did a poll a few weeks back about the life of the bulb and frankly, I do not want to change out bulbs every few months. Would you?


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