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Toshiba pocket projector for cellphones

Evan Blass

toshiba mini led projectorSo the obvious way to start a post about a mini-projector would be with a "Hey, is that a projector in your pocket…" type thing, but we are way too classy for dumb jokes like that (usually). Instead, we like to get right into the thick of it with specs, pics and absolutely no snarky comments. In this case we have a new LED projector by Toshiba, which manages a 1500:1 contrast ratio despite its tiny 565 gram package, and is ostensibly designed for use with cellphones. Using LED technology allows the unit to run cooler (so no fan) and without a color wheel, and while we assume its primary use will be to watch V Cast at work, or something along those lines, we do very much like the idea of being able to use this ultraportable projector to force friends and family to watch slideshows of our crummy cameraphone pics no matter where we are.

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