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30GB iPod to replace 20GB iPod?


With all the iPod nano hubbub swirling about today, this one was kind of easy to overlook. If you attempt to purchase a full-sized iPod at the online Apple Store, you'll see the graphic at right, which lists your options as 30GB for $299US and 60GB for $399US. Yet, in actuality you can only purchase either a 20GB or a 60GB 'Pod.

Is this simply the result of an error in the art department? I would say yes, but since both the size of the iPod's hard drive and its song capacity have been altered, I'm inclined not to. It seems kind of odd that someone would make an error on both of those statistics. If it said, "30GB/5,000 songs," it would be easier to write off as a mistake. I guess time will tell.

In the meantime, what do you think, TUAWers? Error or omen?

Thanks, Barb!


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