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I don't want an iTunes phone

Jan Kabili

I may eat these words, but I really don't want an iTunes phone, and I don't want my kids to have one either. No, I'm not that old, nor that grumpy. I just got a chance to sit down and take in the entire QuickTime webcast of yesterday's announcement of the iTunes phone. When I got to the part where Cingular, the exclusive carrier for the iTunes phone, proudly shows off its upcoming TV ads, I found myself cringing. One ad features a young guy walking along with music playing in his ears, fantasizing about dancing to the music, oblivious to the real world around him. When his phone rings, the music pauses for just a second -- just long enough for him to blurt out an abbreviated response -- and then it's back to the music and living in his head.

Sorry, but this isn't my view of utopia. I have no desire to be plugged into a music player and a telephone all day long. I'd rather have all my senses tuned into the real world. So call me a throwback. I can take it.


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