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Yamaha puts HDMI on its newest A/V receiver

Matt Burns

HDMI is starting to pop up on products with the rate of about one a week. That’s great if you ask us. This one may only be for the Japanese market, but still, it's nice to see what's coming soon. Yamaha just debuted the DSP-AX26000; their first receiver that can take advantage of HDMI's full 7.1 throughput. Sure it has the Dolby Digital and is THX certified for its 130 watts per channel like any reciever that costs $1,700, but it's the HDMI that makes it worth the price tag.

Finally, my dream is coming closer to reality of taking one cable from my satellite box and plugging it into the A/V receiver, and then one from there to the TV. Say I want to add a PS3; well then, I just need to take that little HDMI cable to the A/V reciever and tune it in.

Sorry about the daydream. I'm sure you realize the potential of HDMI.


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