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1080p plasmas from NEC aren't 1080p

Kevin C. Tofel

See, we just mentioned "1080p" as a buzzword and sure enough, there are plenty of HD set announcements. We'll start the day off with one from NEC, who has three new 1080p Plasma displays depending on your point-of-view. The 42XR4 is a $6,000 PDP shipping in November that can accept a 1080p signal (if you can find one) but will only display it at a 720p resolution.

The next size up is the 50XR5 that costs you $9,000 when it hits stores in December. Again, it can accept a 1080p signal, but is only capable of 768 horizontal resolution lines. The flagship in the new line, the 61XR4, ships in November with its 42-inch sibling and will set you back about $14,000. Sadly, this set too is a 1365 x 768 display resolution that accepts a 1080p signal.

What a disappointment on these display specs for these kinds of prices. This is exactly why I previously called for the FCC to mandate clear consumer labeling of a set's display resolution. Too many people are purchasing HD sets thinking the output is one resolution when it's really another. Is it just me that has an issue with this? Chime and tell me if I'm right or if I'm off base.


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