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Developer-induced euthanasia

Vladimir Cole

asheron's call 2What happens when your avatar is put to death against your will?

Last month, we wrote about Turbine's intent to shut down its unpopular MMOG Asheron's Call 2, noting that the game's cancellation still came as a surprise to many fans.

The Guardian's games blogger Aleks Krotoski dives into this shut-down by asking, "Where do level 60 avatars go when they die? And how willing would you be to work your way to the top of the pile only to be shunted back to n00b status because of a bottom line?"

The implication is that MMOG developers may be cutting off their noses to spite their faces. How many times does a player of MMOG games need to be burned before he never returns to the genre again or before his relationship to such games fundamentally changes?

[Via Alice Taylor]

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