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New California violent games bill awaits Ah-nuld's signature

Ross Miller

A few months ago, Illinois passed a bill penalizing retailers for selling adult games to minors. It is also happening in California, with bill AB 1179. This bill, approved by the California State Assembly in a 65-7 vote, requires that all violent games be required to have a large "18" sticker placed on its cover, as well as fine the retailers $1,000 for selling such games to minors (for a description to what "violent" video games the bill refers, check out Next Generation's explanation here).

While the law seems understandable, naturally the video game industry, including the ESA and IEMA, are in an uproar over the bill, more or less calling it unnecessary and a violation of first amendment rights. Expect to see a lawsuit filed in the coming months, assuming Governor Schwarzenegger signs it in the next 30 days.

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