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TUAW Podcast, the Fifth


Subtitle: ...the nano cast.

We gathered together this weekend to slap together our newest monthly podcast for you, and with all the new people on the blog, we ended up with enough audio for about 2-3 separate podcasts. Rather than throw all that great TUAW audio on the cutting-room floor, we decided to give you separate podcasts. The first is a just under 25 minute chat between David Chartier and myself about our brand new iPod nanos (Thanks to David for the pic accompanying this post).

We'll release the next podcast a week from today, and it will be a roundtable discussion on the state of .Mac, featuring David Chartier, Dave Caolo, Victor Agreda, Jr., and me. Then the week after that we might have another sort of catch all "State of Mac" discussion where we discuss all the odds and ends going on with Apple and Tiger and the technologies that we all love.

In any case, grab our nano-cast and sit back and enjoy.

Here's a direct link to the 9MB mp3 file.


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