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The Z60m and the Z60t, Lenovo's new widescreen Z-Series ThinkPad laptops

Peter Rojas

Lenovo Z-series Z60t Z60m

We managed to score a first look at Lenovo's new widescreen Z-Series ThinkPads earlier today (and in the process also confirm that those pics we spotted of a widescreen ThinkPad a few weeks ago were the real deal). The purists won't like that they're offering an optional titanium cover for these new ThinkPads ("If it ain't black, send it back"), but the new wider screens will hopefully win over those of you who couldn't deal with IBM's stubborn reluctance to release a laptop with anything but a 4:3 display. The models we played with had pre-production specs, but we did notice that the Z60m had a 15-inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display, while the Z60t had a 14-inch, 1280 x 768 pixel display. Best part: both new Z-Series ThinkPads will have optional EV-DO internal modules (specifically, a Sierra Wireless EV-DO PCI-Express card) so you can have integrated high-speed wireless broadband. Click to see a few more pics:

Lenovo Z-Series

A new Z-Series Z60t ThinkPad with the new titanium cover.

Lenovo Z-Series Z60t

The 14-inch Z60t.

Lenovo Z-Series Z60m

The 15-inch Z60m.

Lenovo Z-Series Z60m

Another shot of the Z60m.

Lenovo Z-Series presentation

Lenovo exec outlining several of the new Z-Series features.

Lenovo Z-Series Z60m

Close-up of the Z60m.

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