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It's…it's…it's…the Revolution!

Ross Miller
Revolution Controller and analog attachment (225)

Earlier, we really did have our last Revolution controller rumor – Mr. Iwata took the stage at the Tokyo Games Show and 50 minutes later completely blew everything out the water. A DVD remote controller with attachments? What else can it do?

The Revolution's controller, coming in 4 colors, is a remote control-like thing with a D-pad, 3 buttons (A, a, and b) and a B trigger below. It works like a gyroscopic mouse, moving and twisting in 3D (think: Kirby Tilt-n-Tumble). It is indeed wireless, and features rumble capability. It should be packaged with one of the endless number of possible attachments: an analog joystick and two triggers to be held in the left hand.

Joystiq's Vladimir Cole is updating right now with his impressions of the event (as he was at the keynote speech – lucky him). IGN and GameSpot had exclusive hands-on with the controller and have both written – with much optimism – about their feelings.

IGN also has a piece taking educated guesses at how different genres could utilize the uniqueness of it, as well as a piece full of comments from developers about the newly-announced controller. Ubisoft, THQ, EA, and Activision all sound head-over-heels in love with it - and since Square Enix and Sega have already commented on it, that sounds like a good bit of third party support already. Hm.

So, now that we know, how do you feel? Do you feel let down? Happy? Sad? Thank you everyone who got excited and chatted along in the previous Revolution rumor articles. Now, go find the concept art that was closest to the real thing ? I distinctly remember a black one with a joystick in one hand and GameCube style buttons in the other, I will have to find it.

Take a look at the picture - remember, with this set up, not only can you be a sore loser at Smash Brothers, but you can also strangle your friends with it. And yes, I still say the controller looks akin to an oversized iPod shuffle, but I do kind of like that, as well as the neat white Revolution console. One thing is for sure?Nintendo has balls.

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