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Scotland pulls plug on analog signals

Kevin C. Tofel

Edit: Wales is not part of Scotland; sorry for any geographical confusion - thanks Jayme!

OK, they only did this in two Wales villages, but it's a start. Earlier this year, Wales Scotland turned off the analog television signal to see how people cope with digital-only reception. I haven't seen any feedback from the viewers but here's my take: they're likely delighted, provided that they have the proper equipment. There are no reports of people in Wales holding any "rabbit ears" hostage, so I'm sure all is well. Scotland plans to begin pulling the plug in 2008.

The "pilot" approach to DTV transition actually isn't bad. Now that the US Senate has the DTV transition on the docket this week, perhaps someone can volunteer their constituents to test an analog shut-down in the area, even if temporary. I wouldn't want folks to completely lose their television signal, so perhaps some small amount of funding can be used to provide digital-to-analog converters for the volunteers. How about it Senators?


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