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Engadget @ Canon Expo 2005

Ryan Block, @ryan

Canon Expo 2005 entrance

Canon decided it was time to fly in peeps from the world over for a massive expo in New York this week called the Canon Expo 2005. Besides having a Canon employee to visitor ratio of about 4:1 (which isn't a knock on their turnout, they were just really well staffed), they had all their new gear to show off, and some really interesting forthcoming devices. Like, say, a WiFi-enabled camera and some SED televisions. Click on to check out shots we grabbed while at the event.

Canon prototype WiFi camera
Canon prototype WiFi camera

We we really digging this WiFi-enabled digital camera. Sure, we?ve seen this before, but it?s fun to have your picture taken and see it instantly show up on a laptop ten feet away, then print off. Unfortunately Canon?s implementation, like the others, is software-based, so whenever they release the device that this is a prototype of, don?t expect it to drop all those shots onto Flickr from a hotspot (at least not yet, anyway).

Canon SD550
Canon SD450
Canon SD30

They were showing off all their new PowerShots, including the SD550, SD450, SD30, and SD80. Very nice.

Canon DC20/DC10 camcorder

They were also showing off two unannounced DVD camcorders, the DC20 and DC10, which should hit stores in the next couple of weeks. The DC10 has a 1.3 megapixel digital still camera, while the DC20 features a 2.0 megapixel sensor. Expect them in the $700-800 range.

Canon SED screen

They showed off some really hot 36-inch SED display prototypes, which besides registering an average of half the metered power consumption of similar sized LCD and plasma TVs, featured a totally independent viewing angles and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. It was kind of crazy, when the screen went black it was like the whole panel disappeared.

Canon prototype DSLR
Canon prototype cameras
Canon prototype camcorder

Thought you might also like to see what Canon thinks a DSLR, portable camera, and camcorder might look like in a few years. Apparently acrylic bodies will be very in.

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