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Hands-on with the Canon EOS 5D and HDV High Definition XL H1

Ryan Block, @ryan

Canon 5D

Canon was showing off their new 12.8 megapixel EOS 5D DSLR they've garnered so much hubbub about lately, as well as their HDV High Definition XL H1 they announced this week. We're a long way from high school photo class, but if you want the nightmarishly brief rundown, the 5D had real heft, the screen was fantastic, and shooting was fast and simple (well, that's a relative term, of course). It's a little bit of coin for a still camera at about $3,300, though, so we're sure you'll be a good educated consumer and go peep one for yourself before running out and buying one on our word alone.

The HDV High Definition XL H1 was definitely an advanced piece of plastic—certainly not anything you'd want to risk getting jumped for by taking it to your kid's soccer game (unless you're the type who brings a film crew around with you wherever you go). If you're feeling this thing you've probably already got a really good reason why (shooting a feature-length documentary, perhaps?), but for the record, Canon's director of marketing sounded like they really did want to do 1080p, but they couldn't hack sourcing the CCD components necessary. Click on for a gallery of live shots of the two devices.

Canon 5D back
Canon HDV High Definition XL H1
Canon HDV High Definition XL H1
Canon HDV High Definition XL H1
Canon HDV High Definition XL H1

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