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Nintendo Revolution controller -- more deets, pics

nintendo revolution controller with console white

Here's some more Nintendo Revolution controller pr0n for ya, plus a few more details on how the thing actually works: its main features are going to include 3D pointing, via sensors that pick up the directionality of the controller — similarly, it will also be tilt sensitive. Included buttons are the familiar D-Pad, face buttons, and a trigger on the backside of the unit. As noted before, the controller will tap into multifunctionality via separate attachments which plug into an expansion port at its base; the analog stick controller pictured here will also have two trigger buttons. Rumble is of course built-in, and the unit and its attachments are completely wireless. This prompts some concern over how the controller is going to stack up in FPS-type games due to the inherently slower response time of a wireless versus a wired controller. Pics of the controller all decked out in colored suits after the jump, which reminds us to remark on the fact that everything is otherwise reallllly white.

Nintendo revolution controllers colors

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